Combat Archery

An exciting and fun team activity , new for 2018.  Suitable for all ages and abilities ( minimum age 11 ). Paintballing with bows and arrows. Takes place in a wooded outdoor environment near Hay-on-Wye. A half day activity consisting of a number of games involving the elimination of all members of the opposing team and hitting  targets. Competetive and compulsive!

We encourage a bit of role play so feel free to dress up and get involved.

£35 per person for half day session

Target Archery

Great activity for all ages, we provide a wide range of games and challenges to keep the session fun and stimulating.

If you are staying at a holiday cottage, campsite or similar we may be able to come to you and set up a session - handy if you have young kids. Let us know where you are staying!

£25 per person for a half day session